Win LPSO stuff!

Do you want to win a FREE membership? Well now you can! Our winners will receive a membership until LPSO ends, plus, a membership comes with loads of FREE items! Our runners up will win a cute pet bird to look after! Here are the instructions:
1. Please comment. You can say anything as long as it is appropriate- it has to be a funny story-the best one will win!
2. Our winners will be notified by email .please put your email in your comments!
3. Enjoy your membership! Further details from July 2011:
- The winning membership will be 5 months long-that's when LPSO ends!
-3 winners-5 runners up-
- The giveaway ends just at the beginning of August so hurry!
Get all those VIP stuff when you become a member:
- Free gifts!!!!!!!
- Amazing badge on your player card!
- Access to shop for everything!
-Buy more rooms!
-Do adventures!
-And more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!